xWo is looking to become the number one promotion, the wrestling industry has to offer. The undisclosed investor had originally brought the xWO shares, but decided to sit on them to see what came about. Then DIVISION did, but Charlie Bates invoked a clause not allowing the investor to use the DIVISION name or logo and decided to merge the two into one, and create a new era of xWo for the world to bear witness too.

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Cletus 'Motherfuckin' Franklin Empty Cletus 'Motherfuckin' Franklin

on Tue Nov 27, 2018 8:58 pm
Handler Information

Your Name: Smokey

Twitter Handle:  N/A

E-Mail Address:  jamesmay187@gmail.com

Would you like to be a match writer?: NO

Wrestler Information

Wrestlers Name: Cletus Franklin

Nickname/s: "The Messiah of Dilligaf" ; Cletus 'Motherfuckin' Franklin

Age: 25

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 275 lbs.

Hometown: Galveston, Texas

Strengths: Strength and Agility. ; Awareness

Weaknesses: Inexperience. Still learning the game at a higher level.

Alignment: Tweener

Picture Base/Poser: Bray Wyatt


Entrance Music: Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit

Entrance Description: 'Break Stuff' by Limp Bizkit hits the arena with the two distinct guitar rifs echoing pff the walls. Strobe lights begin flashing throughout the arena as Cletus Franklin steps out onto the stage and stops at the top of the ramp looking out into the crowd. Cletus reaches up to his ear and pulls out a blunt before putting one end into his mouth as the fans that know him begin to cheer loudly. Cletus reaches into his jacket pockey and pulls out a lighter to light his blunt. He inhales deep and releases a cloud of smoke into the air before making his way down the ramp.

Ring Announcer: Standing in at six feet three inches tall while weighing in at two hundred and seventy-five pounds, residing from Boulder, Colorado, Cletus 'Motherfuckin' Franklin.

Cletus continues to smoke his blunt on his way down the ramp soaking in the mixed reaction from the crowd. He reaches ringside continuing to smoke his blunt and makes his way around the ring as the bridge builds in the music. Cletus jumps up onto the apron just as Fred Durst screams out Break Your Fucking Face tonight when orange pyro's erupt from the four corner post and from above. Cletus makes his way into the ring spinning in circles with his arms outstretched wide before falling to his knees in the middle of the ring.  He takes one last hit off his blunt before throwing it out into the crowd and removing his jacket making his way into gis corner.

Move List

Moves (No minimum or maximum, more the better):

1. Reverse Chokeslam

2. Reverse Powerbomb

3. Stunner - Stone Cold Style

4. Superkick ; All Variations

5. Springboard Front Dropkick

6. Falling Inverted DDT

7. Reverse STO

8. Ace Cutter

9. Wheelbarrow Suplex

10. Gutwrench Powerbomb

11. Diamond Duster from 2nd Rope

12. Springboard Falling Senton

13. Top Rope Diving Moonsault to standing opponent

14. Handstand Dropkick

15. Reverse Flatliner

16. Pop-Up Powerbomb

17. Running Powerslam

18. Running Giant Superkick - Rusev

19. Running Reverse Suplex

20. Running Cross Body Block - Bray Wyatt

21. Catching Delayed Suplex on the outside - after catching a superstar diving through the ropes.

22. Sitout Alabama Slam

23. Pumphandle Sitout Facebuster

24. Apron Powerbomb

25. Pumphandle Powerslam

26. Disaster Kick - Cody Rhodes

27. Headbutts

28. Throat Thrusts

29. Belly to Belly Suplex

30. German Suplex ; Release German Suplex

31. STF

32. Knee Bar

33. Rear Naked Choke

34. Dragon Sleeper

35. Triangle Choke Hold

36. Fuiji Armbar

37. Crossface

38. Single Leg Boston Crab

39. Grapevine Ankle Lock

40. Sleeper Hold

Favorite/Signature Moves:

1. Wake Up Call

Cletus 'Motherfuckin' Franklin Alwm7

Repeated Corner Back Elbows - Matt Morgan

2.  Sleepy Dreams

Cletus 'Motherfuckin' Franklin Tumblr_omtp4iWyex1s05wxzo1_400

Cletus 'Motherfuckin' Franklin 328af53fc3047fcfff09cb9bb935d2e0bd1eb3e3_hq

Cletus 'Motherfuckin' Franklin FirmThatJuliabutterfly-size_restricted

Cletus 'Motherfuckin' Franklin Giphy

Cletus 'Motherfuckin' Franklin Kenny-omega-gif-7

V-Trigger ; All Varations

3. Deterioration

Cletus 'Motherfuckin' Franklin 14768579412906612

Repeated Powerbombs into Turnbuckle Powerbomb

4. Rude Awakening

Cletus 'Motherfuckin' Franklin Hhernandezbordertossanimated2

Border Toss - Hernandez

5. Lights Out

Cletus 'Motherfuckin' Franklin F36

Curbstomp - Seth Rollins


1. Corrosion

Cletus 'Motherfuckin' Franklin Giphy

Modified Hellevator

2. Go To Sleep Bitch

Cletus 'Motherfuckin' Franklin Giphy

Punt Kick to the Skull - Randy Orton

3. Extinction

Cletus 'Motherfuckin' Franklin GMp0Wvr

Weapon X - Brian Cage

4. Catch Tha Fade

Cletus 'Motherfuckin' Franklin Tenor

Coquina Clutch

5. Serotonin

Cletus 'Motherfuckin' Franklin Tenor

Calf Crusher

Show Information

Gimmick: Anti-Hero ; a former disgruntled employee of the EWC. A cannabis enthusiast and known for raising hell.

Personality: Cletus is going through a change professionally repacking himself into more of himself. He's recently picked up drinking as it allows him to vent his frustrations without a filter. He's an asshole and doesn't care about anything other than kicking ass and taking names on his quest for Championship Gold.

Attitude towards authority: No Respect ; Doesn't Trust Them

Attitude towards fellow colleagues: Respects all true talent until they cross him, but doesn't mingle with anyone backstage.

Favorite Weapon/s: The Book of Dilligaf

Favorite Match/es: Hardcore and Street Fights


Superstar Biography: Cletus Franklin was once known as Smokey Jones in the Future Stars of Wrestling Development Brand. Only taking six short months to dethrone the second longest reigning FSW Champion of 162 days.  After disagreements with management he dropped the title and has gone through a few changes. Now competiting under his real name he's looking to change the whole foundation of professional wrestling.

Past Accomplishments/Accolades:  FSW Champion

Manager Information

Managers Name: N/A

Managers Entrance: N/A

How does he/she interact: N/A

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