xWo is looking to become the number one promotion, the wrestling industry has to offer. The undisclosed investor had originally brought the xWO shares, but decided to sit on them to see what came about. Then DIVISION did, but Charlie Bates invoked a clause not allowing the investor to use the DIVISION name or logo and decided to merge the two into one, and create a new era of xWo for the world to bear witness too.

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Desmond King
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Desmond King Empty Desmond King

on Tue Nov 27, 2018 3:23 pm
Handler Information

Your Name: Meech

Twitter Handle: @DKingKunta

Would you like to be a match writer?: Certain times

Wrestler Information

Wrestlers Name: Desmond King

Nickname/s: DK, Dez

Age: 25

Height: 6’5

Weight: 220 lbs

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Strengths: There is one thing Desmond utilizes, and that is psychology. His training allows for him to control the pacing of a match if it gets too out of hand for him.

Weaknesses: He thrives on gloating over a fallen foe or mocking both his foe or the fans. He rides the wave of getting under the skin of opponents and the fans and uses that as a method to take the match in whatever route he chooses.

Detailed Ring Style:
Desmond strives to respect the rules of wrestling in the ring as a face. He finds it more satisfying to defeat a foe without the use of many weapons. When Desmond is a heel, he gloats and nicks his opponent.

His best aspect of his skills reside in his ability to counter opponents. He thrives on being intensely frustrating with his ability to counter practically every little thing that an opponent properly scouted can throw at him. 

Desmond firmly understands that pacing and momentum is one of the most important aspects of wrestling. He is trained in submissions and amateur wrestling. He will not throw punches, will work the arm and head of his opponents primarily. He'll take an inordinate amount of abuse to get the key moment needed to win.

Alignment: neutral 

Picture Base/Poser: The Mack/Willie Mack


Entrance Music: “Step Into A World” by KRS One

Entrance Description: A familiar spotlight shines down on the entrance of the arena, the orange shade and the fog coming out from the stage. The fans start rising to their feet. Then, the sounds of “Step Into A World” by KRS One begins. 

Step into a world
Where there’s no one left
But the very best
No MC can test

Pyro explodes on the stage as out from behind the curtain comes Desmond King, the hood already pulled off of his head. He shouts out to the crowd, pointing to them, slapping his chest. He nods his head to the beat. 

Announcer: Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada...weighing in at 220 pounds...he is the “Canadian Import” Desmond King!!!

King walks up the ring steps as he begins to take his hoodie off and then proceeds to climb the ring ropes to perch himself on top of the turnbuckle. His smirk slowly turns into a scowl as his theme begins to fade out.

Move List

Moves (No minimum or maximum, more the better):

European Uppercut 
Elbow Strikes 
Muay Thai Knee Strikes (grabbing the opponent by the back of the head) 
Front Kick 

Snap Suplex 
Release Northern Lights Suplex 
Belly-To-Back Suplex 
Release Fisherman's Suplex 
Double Underhook Belly-To-Belly Suplex 
Exploder Suplex
Release German Suplex

Sidewalk Slam 
Pumphandle Slam 
Scoop Slam 
Tornado DDT 
Maivia DDT/Floatover DDT 
Front Face Diving DDT

Arm Drag into Armbar 
Front Face Lock 
Cross Arm Breaker
Sleeper Hold

Top Rope Maneuvers: 
Missile Dropkick 
Flying Elbow Drop 
Flying Clothesline 

Special Maneuvers: 
For smaller opponents, Desmond will take an opponent's legs, lock them in a Texas Cloverleaf and instead of turning the hold over, will yank them up and slam them back down to the mat.

Favorite/Signature Moves: 

The Lights (Wraps his opponent's arm around their own neck and picks them into a fireman's carry and swings them to the side for a modified Emerald Frosion.)
North of 60 (Running High Knee to the Chin or Nose)
Guillotine Choke
Rear Naked Choke
Lightswitch (Faarooq Spinebuster)
Double Leg Takedown
Kneebar Submission
Prime Ministerial Treatment (Triangle Choke)


Tribute To Unc (Full Nelson into Sit-Out Tombstone Piledriver)
Import To Hell (Reverse Codebreaker into Hell’s Gate submission)

Show Information

Gimmick: Using his uncle and aunt’s name to get into the business but now trying to make a statement.

Personality: Very quiet until he is approached about things. 

Attitude towards authority: Unpredictable

Attitude towards fellow colleagues: Unpredictable

Favorite Weapon/s: Rarely but Kendo Stick

Favorite Match/es: Last Man Standing or Total Domination Match
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Desmond King Empty Re: Desmond King

on Tue Nov 27, 2018 7:11 pm
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