xWo is looking to become the number one promotion, the wrestling industry has to offer. The undisclosed investor had originally brought the xWO shares, but decided to sit on them to see what came about. Then DIVISION did, but Charlie Bates invoked a clause not allowing the investor to use the DIVISION name or logo and decided to merge the two into one, and create a new era of xWo for the world to bear witness too.

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Adam O'Bannon. Empty Adam O'Bannon.

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Handler Information

Your Name: Shawn

Twitter Handle: @AdamOBannon

E-Mail Address: Ask privately.

Would you like to be a match writer?: Nah.

Wrestler Information

Wrestlers Name: Adam O'Bannon

Nickname/s: Loose Cannon

Age: 32

Height: 6'0

Weight: 209 lbs

Hometown: Corona, California

Strengths: O’Bannon is incredibly smart and will use the tools in front of him to ensure both his and his wife’s (Brooklyn Kinsley) success.  He might lack the stature of some larger wrestlers, but he makes it up in knowledge and know how. A strategist.

Weaknesses: Adam has a few weaknesses, the most glaring of which is likely that his lady can be used against him at ringside.  Just as easily as he and Brooklyn can work over an enemy, in turn, they can be played against each other and cause things to fall apart as well.

Alignment: Heel

Picture Base/Poser: Mike Bennett


Entrance Music: "Solid Gold" by the Darkness

Entrance Description: “Solid Gold” by The Darkness began to blare throughout the building as slowly, on the stage emerged Adam O’Bannon through the curtain.  Soon, his lovely wife, Brooklyn Kinsley followed him through and he slid his arm around his lady and began to descend down the stage. The two of them casually walking towards the ring as jeers from the crowd rained down upon them.  Then inevitably, they made it into ringside and began to ascend he steps and soon, entered the ring. Once in the center, the two shared a passionate kiss, only to break and wait for his opponent's entry..

Move List

Moves (No minimum or maximum, more the better): 

Favorite/Signature Moves: 
Siege Engine [Texas Cloverleaf]
Springboard Dropkick

Heavy Artillery [Butterfly Lift Sitout Pedigree]

Hand Cannon [A simple punch, but with brass knuckles usually slipped in by Brooklyn Kinsley]

Show Information

Gimmick: Adam O'Bannon is rich, smart, talented, and conceited.  The kind of person everyone well, hates.

Personality: Adam is very self-absorbed and usually only cares about his own personal gain, or the gain of his lady.  He's alienating to most around him and carries himself with a heavy swagger.  He will do whatever it takes, cheating, or anything to survive in a match.  If all else fails and backed into a corner, he'll fight his way out, but overall, anything goes if it means his success.

Attitude towards authority: If authority helps him, he'll help authority.

Attitude towards fellow colleagues: He has little time or interest for his fellow colleagues.

Favorite Weapon/s: Brass Knuckles.

Favorite Match/es: Singles.  He has a disdain for hardcore stuff.

Biography (If you have one)

Superstar Biography: 
Adam O'Bannon has lived a bit of a life of a journeyman as a professional wrestler.  He at first entered a sort of whirlwind romance with Brooklyn Kinsley as their relationship evolved while wrestling, ultimately becoming champions across various promotions in their own right.  He continued to evolve his craft and grow beyond what he had done, until eventually taking a short break.  Though at the behest of his wife, he's finally returning to action.

Past Accomplishments/Accolades: 
WXW Intercontinental Champion

Manager Information (If you have one)

Managers Name:

Managers Entrance: 

How does he/she interact:
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Adam O'Bannon. Empty Re: Adam O'Bannon.

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