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Declan Black Empty Declan Black

on Sat Nov 24, 2018 11:58 pm
Handler Information

Your Name:  Andre

Twitter Handle: @realdeclanblack

E-Mail Address: by request. DM me on Twitter if you need me.

Would you like to be a match writer?: No.

Wrestler Information

Wrestlers Name:  Declan Black

Nickname/s: "The Pride of Nova Scotia"

Age:  29 (DOB: 12/1/88)

Height: 6'4

Weight: 230

Hometown: (May 1 to October 31) Making summer/autumn residence in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
(November 1 to April 30) Making winter/spring residence in San Clemente, California by way of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

Strengths: Encyclopedic knowledge of wrestling lends itself to a deep move and counter pool, phenomenal endurance, master tactician

Weaknesses: Frustrates easily, prefers a slower pace and can be thrown off when he can't control pace, can overlook opponents he feels aren't his caliber.

Alignment: Complicated. He leans face mostly, but will use heelish tactics (within traditional wrestling boundaries) if he feels them to be necessary. Friendships come secondary to titles with Declan, and he will always put being a champion first.

Picture Base/Poser: Robbie Amell


Entrance Music: "Brenda Stubbert" - Ashley MacIssac https://youtu.be/TxGZJWKjzks

Entrance Description: A hard guitar riff hits the speakers, as the lights black out. With each of the three soft cymbals, a spotlight appears on the stage: green, yellow, then white. The second riff trains two more spotlights on the set, both white, before the pipes start, heralding the appearance of Declan Black. Wearing a confident smirk, he steps out of the curtain. Slapping a few hands when convenient for him, he steps -saunters, really- to the ring, the picture of a self-assured athlete. He enters the ring, and takes his corner, sliding a Cape Breton Tartan custom mouthguard in after taking off his robe and passing it to a ring attendant on the floor. He does a few final stretches as he waits for the match to begin.

Move List

Moves (No minimum or maximum, more the better): 1: Suplexes. Any suplex at all will do. Use your imagination. Liberally.
2: Rolling Elbow
3: Spinebuster (Anderson style)
4: Roundhouse Kick
5: Jumping knee strike
6: Brainbuster
7: Piledriver
8: Rolling senton (With opponent in fireman's carry)
9: Kneedrop (Ever seen Flair do it? That kneedrop.)
10: Hangman's Neckbreaker

Favorite/Signature Moves: 1: 25:17 (Crippler Crossface) [An homage to friend and former tag team partner Frank "D.C." Wiland.]
2: Painkiller 2.0 (Severn-style inside armbar) [Tribute to trainer Robbie Priest.] https://youtu.be/KtsfuyW-28Q?t=1m59s
3: In The Black (Regal Cutter) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0unmDSYj50
4: Black Magic (Callihan-Style Stretch Muffler) [https://youtu.be/N1oOrv-BlEM?t=5s]
5: Knee Trembler
6: Sharpshooter

Finisher/s: 1: Blackout (Rainmaker Lariat) ***This move is super, super hyped and I tend not to allow kickouts from it. It hasn't been kicked out of yet, and while I'd be willing to do one for a big match, talk to me before you write it. I will probably say no. You can do counters or reversals all you want, but if you want to do kickouts, use the other finisher.***
2: Call of the Coal (Claymore Kick)

Show Information

Gimmick: Abused rich kid who took solace in pro wrestling. Drawing inspiration from classic 80's champions like Harley Race and Ric Flair, vehemently upholds his ideas of "what a wrestler is" and in turn, "what a champion is". Not always heel, but he can be very intractable in his beliefs.

Personality: Can be fairly introverted, not terribly social-though he'll fight to the death for what few friends he has.

Attitude towards authority: Respectful until he feels he's not being treated well, whereupon he will turn it adversarial.

Attitude towards fellow colleagues: Tolerant until given reason not to be. More the "judge you behind your back" type, though he will openly voice criticisms.

Favorite Weapon/s: Sometimes will keep a chain hidden in his right boot, some brass knuckles, a roll of quarters...think old school.

Favorite Match/es: Best of three falls, Ironman, Submission...anything he feels is "pure wrestling", even cage matches. He hates anything garbagey and anything where the object is not pinfall or submission.

Biography (If you have one)

Superstar Biography: Born in Glace Bay on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada to wealthy shipping magnates, Declan Black is a 9 year veteran with two world titles to his name. Trained from 2004-2006 by decorated multi-time World Champion Robbie Priest in both classic American wrestling and more advanced British mat work, he trained through his last two years doing his undergraduate degree in Political Science at Yale. Ever since graduation, he has wrestled all over the world, with notable stops in Germany and Japan to add to his more well known exploits in the United States and Canada.
Black's refuge has long been the mat game, as he has since admitted to physical and emotional abuse from his parents as a child. He is a lifelong fan who watches tapes almost religiously, and prides himself on a hybrid style that takes cues from German catch, Japanese puroresu, and classic British World of Sport. He is quite wealthy, having inherited his parents' empire at 19 upon their untimely deaths, and since spinning it off into the wildly successful Black-Mart chain of retail stores. He owns homes in his native Cape Breton, and most recently San Clemente, CA, which he periodically moves between.

Past Accomplishments/Accolades: 
1X NAPW World's Heavyweight Champion
1X 2CW/ReDefine World Champion
1X Seattle Pro World Champion
1X GHW Tag Team Champion (with D.C. Wiland as The Dynasty)

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