xWo is looking to become the number one promotion, the wrestling industry has to offer. The undisclosed investor had originally brought the xWO shares, but decided to sit on them to see what came about. Then DIVISION did, but Charlie Bates invoked a clause not allowing the investor to use the DIVISION name or logo and decided to merge the two into one, and create a new era of xWo for the world to bear witness too.

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Brooklyn Kinsley
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Brooklyn Kinsley Empty Brooklyn Kinsley

on Thu Nov 22, 2018 12:35 pm
Handler Information
Your Name: Crystal
Twitter Handle: @thesovereigness
E-Mail Address: n/a
Would you like to be a match writer?: No, thanks.

Wrestler Information
Wrestlers Name: Brooklyn Kinsley
Nickname/s: "Squared Circle Sovereigness" , "The Epitome of Grace & Perfection"
Age: 30
Height: 5'8
Weight: 121 pounds
Hometown: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Strengths: She is great with mind games to manipulate her opponent. Every so often she will play a little bit of a cowardly roll to get the edge over her opponent. Brooklyn is very speedy and strikes a lot. She does her fair share of grappling as well and can be a nice all arounder in the ring.

Weaknesses: She can let her cockiness get the best of her and get caught off guard. Being that she doesn't like her face to be touched her rage can take her over the top a little and lose a bit of control and become careless.

Alignment: Heel

Picture Base/Poser: Maria Kanellis-Bennett

Entrance Music: "Got It" by Marian Hill

Entrance Description: The lights in the arena come to life flashing in a strobe lighting effect all around the stage. "Got It" by Marian Hill begins to play from the PA system. Of course the fans have a mixed reactiion more negative then positive. Except for the horny men in the crowd. A single spotlight hits the stage as Brooklyn walks out onto the stage very seductively with a look a sweetness but yet evil in her eyes. She stops on the stage glancing the crowd before slowly raising both hands into the air and slightly tilting her head back. The spotlight fades and the lighting begins to shine an array of different colors. She proceeds down the ramp with a slow walk ignoring the fans on the side who want to touch her ever so bad. As she is announced to the ring she takes her time going up the steel stairs. She walks along the apron and faces the crowd. Lifting her hands in the air once again and then back down to the hood on her head as she removes it. Blowing a kiss to the crowd she steps through the ropes and into the ring. Walking to the far corner she climbs up and sits on the top turnbuckle crossing her legs resting her hand in her palm waiting for the challenger.

Move List

Moves (No minimum or maximum, more the better):
o1. Snap DDT

o2. STO Backbreaker
o3. Eye Rake/Hair Pull Slam
o4. Flying Clothesline
o5. Straight Jacket Neckbreaker
o6. Ranhei
o7. Octopus Stretch
o8. Axe Kick [to the back of the head;kneeling opponent]
o9. Rolling Elbow Strike
1o. Hangman Turnbuckle Choke [a la Heel Trish Stratus]
11. Half Nelson Backbreaker
12. Missle Dropkick
13. Turnbuckle DDT
14. Lou Thes Press/Punches
15. Reverse Russian Leg Sweep
16. Cross Armbar
17. Northern Lights Suplex
18. Kicking Combination [a la Alister Black]

Favorite/Signature Moves: 
o1. "Queen's Terms" Sleeperhold

o2. "Paroxysm" Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex
o3. "No Brainer"  Lawndart
o4. "Envy They Superiority Gore

o1. "A Kiss From Heaven"  Diving Lungblower [a la BUSHI]

o2. "Fatal Worship"  Running Double Knee Strike [seated opponent a la HARASHIMA]
o3. "The Perdition"  Curbstomp

Show Information
Gimmick: Resident Mean girl who believes beauty and power are the way of the world and nothing else.

Personality: 'Holier than thou' attitude mixed with a splash of sarcasm and rude. Brooklyn is bossy and very demanding and believes things should always be done her way. Playing the underdog is her favorite thing to do, because when her back is up against the wall and she feels cornered, she fights out. Feisty, and doesn't take no for an answer. She loves to prove people wrong and has that typical talk the talk, and walk the walk mindset. Very rarely will she let anyone get the edge up on her, but she loves someone who can throw things right back at her, fires her up even more. Don't ever try and call her bluff though, makes her dangerous.

Attitude towards authority: Brooklyn respects authority as much as the next. She enjoys to do a suck up roll towards them to try and get them to bend to her will. If she doesn't get what she wants from authority she goes in a rage and will do whatever so she can get what she wants.

Attitude towards fellow colleagues: She only cares about herself mostly, unless it is someone she feels worthy to be her "friend" or give the time of day to. Most of the time if it is someone who is just as selfish and self-centered as her she will click well with.

Favorite Weapon/s: Hairspray

Favorite Match/es: Singles, Multi-Man

Biography (If you have one)
Superstar Biography: Brooklyn's career started back when the now defunct CCW; turned EWWF as one of the very first signed competitors to the company along with her then boyfriend; now husband, Adam O' Bannon. She worked with the likes of Whitley, Audrey Nightmare, Melanie just to name a few. She quickly rose to popularity and to the top of the division quick with her cunning technique and never say die attitude. There are a lot of blurred lines with what exactly happened with the hiatus of Brooklyn, but in the time she was gone she made waves in another federation known as WXW where within her first month there she dethroned the longest reigning Women's Champion for her championship. This was Brooklyn's first major championship run and she did a great job at it, she really owned her style and developed herself while she was gone. She returned to EWWF, her home in 2018 climbing her way back up the ranks that she built and at Crowning Achievement IV she became the Elite Ladies Champion. Now taking a chance in xWo she is looking to continue to raise her prestige in her career.

Past Accomplishments/Accolades: WXW Women's Champion, EWWF Elite Ladies Champion

Manager Information (If you have one)
Managers Name: -

Managers Entrance: -

How does he/she interact: -
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