xWo is looking to become the number one promotion, the wrestling industry has to offer. The undisclosed investor had originally brought the xWO shares, but decided to sit on them to see what came about. Then DIVISION did, but Charlie Bates invoked a clause not allowing the investor to use the DIVISION name or logo and decided to merge the two into one, and create a new era of xWo for the world to bear witness too.

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xWo Conduct Empty xWo Conduct

on Sat Nov 10, 2018 6:21 pm

- There will be a strict policy in regards to one pic base and one theme song per person. If there is a pic base taken already, you may not choose it. The same thing with theme songs, if it's taken you can't use it. You may refer to the Unavailable Pic Base/Theme Songs List by clicking HERE!

- Please be sure to follow the Contract Template thoroughly and have your Contract completed in order to be signed and booked on a show.

- Roster Cap: Turmoil - 30

- Characters: I know a lot of us like to have a multitude number of characters, but the limit here in xWo will be TWO SINGLES characters. Or if you're bringing in a Tag Team, then i'll extend it to THREE. A TAG TEAM handled by one handler and they can also have a Singles character. 


- If you no show a match, you will be taken off bookings. If you do not let myself or someone of Staff know that you need time off, you will be released.

- If you do not RP for matches you are scheduled for, but you are on the site someway or another without any reasoning, you will no longer be booked until further notice.

- All shows will be posted on time or as close to on time as possible. Variables in life do occur, just take that into account. xWo Turmoil will be every other Monday and will be posted late in the evening. There's no exact time that it will be posted, but it will be no later than Tuesday night, unless it's an extreme case of emergency.

- Just show up, RP/promo, communicate and have fun!


- There are different RP limits for matches depending on match type. These limits are as follows:


MANDATORY: 1 RP Limit | 500 word minimum | 2.5k word max

OPTIONAL: 1 RP | 500 word max | Strictly shoot |

- All iPPV's will have a 2 RP limit.

- You are expected to RP for every match. If you do not RP, well, you just won't go far. If you will not be able to RP, let a staff member know. Preferably before the card is posted. That way you will not be booked for that show.

- QUALITY > QUANTITY. ALWAYS. A longer RP than your opponent will not guarantee a victory.

- Roleplays will be judged by the following categories; Character, Match Content, Alignment, Creativity, and Grammar.

Character: How well developed your character is.

Match Content: How well you keep a balance of Character Development and Match Content.

Alignment: How well you portray your alignment and if it's easy to identify by reading your roleplay.

Creativity: How well you change things up between RP's and keep things in character.

Grammar: Fluent sentences, no spelling errors, minimal grammatical errors, etc.

- Each category will be graded by a point system from 1 to 5. 1 being the worst, 5 being the best. A total of 25 points can be added up for each RP.

- Direct responding on a 1 RP limit is unfair to the handler posting first, hence why i've allowed the optional 500 Word Max 1 RP. If the second poster directly responds to your RP, you've got an added option of responding back. 

- Deadlines : There is and will always be only one deadline. Once that's passed, you're out of time. I won't allow extensions on any deadline. I know circumstance may occur where time is precious, but if i do it for one, i have to do it for everyone. So that's a non-starter. You've had two weeks, use it wisely.

- RP Content : Everyone has a different writing style. There's so many genres of writers, so i won't restrict you in what you write. Personally i can take most things, but other's are different. So if it's intended for adults, or to offend, then be specify it in HUGE CAPITAL LETTERS. 

- Tag Team Roleplaying : Now in the past my biggest frustration being paired in a team, is when the other doesn't show and i've got an uphill battle to beat not only one, but two people. So to take away that disadvantage, if your partner happens to no show, it won't diminish your ability to win. Because for Tag Team Matches, i take the highest scoring RP and that team wins. So if your partner does no show and you score for example a 22. And both your opponents RP and they score a 20 & 21, your team would pick up the victory. And if your partner does RP and scores a 18, 19 etc, then your team would still pick up the win due to you having the highest scoring RP. Understand? I hope so.


- We would like all of our members to show a general respect for each other. This will include no bullying or disrespect towards other members. Anyone caught breaking these rules will be punished.

- Any member caught using hate speech (racism, sexism, homophobia) will be dealt with accordingly.

- Using characters without permission : That's a big, big NO-NO for me. Everyone with any experience in this game, should know that. 

- NPC's : You do not need my permission to use them. However, DO NOT attack them under any circumstances without prior consent from DIVISION STAFF.


- We understand that nobody likes to lose. Please understand that it is impossible for everyone to win and be happy. Sometimes you will lose. Complaining about that loss will not benefit you, taking it on the chin and using it to help you improve will help.

6. xWo SHOWS

- Storylines : Me and the xWo staff will be working heavily on this side of things. But after all these are characters YOU'VE created, so i'd love your input as well. Who would you like to team with, feud against, etc. 

- Segments : Like the storylines, me and my staff will be doing these for the shows. I've been in places before where the roster hardly did any segments, and the staff didn't bother either. And reading the results, well, let's just say they weren't great. So with time constraints and everything, we'll quite happily take this burden off you as handlers. But if you wish to do a segment, then by all means do so. Just run it by me or a member of staff, just so it doesn't clash with anything goin on in the show. And if you do a segment, we'll award you an extra point towards scoring. 

- Opt-Out : I did consider doing an "Opt-In" thread for our shows, but instead if you want to take a show off, just Opt-Out in the appropriate thread, and your character won't be booked. 


- That's the main reason why we're here after all. To have fun, escape the real world, and to showcase our writing capabilities. The main thing for me to see here in DIVISION, is creating storylines and seeing them come to fruition with everyone playing their part and enjoying doing so. Because if it's not fun, they there is absolutely no reason for us to do this.
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