xWo is looking to become the number one promotion, the wrestling industry has to offer. The undisclosed investor had originally brought the xWO shares, but decided to sit on them to see what came about. Then DIVISION did, but Charlie Bates invoked a clause not allowing the investor to use the DIVISION name or logo and decided to merge the two into one, and create a new era of xWo for the world to bear witness too.

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xWo Information ZS8ERgT



FOUNDED: November 10th, 2018

FOUNDER: Unknown.

OWNER: Unknown.

HEADQUARTERS: Dallas, Texas.

EVENTS: Turmoil- Every other Monday | Bi-Monthly iPPV's

ROSTER CAP: Turmoil - 30

SHOW VIEWING: Turmoil - TV Deal to be announced.

THEME SONG(s): Turmoil - "Not Gonna Die" by Skillet | Alternate - "Enemies" by Shinedown.



Early November, an unknown investor approached DIVISION Owner, Charlie Bates and offered to buy his shares. When the unknown investor wanted to use the DIVISION name, Bates blocked the request and trademarked everything DIVISION wise in his name. So the unknown investor used the xWo shares he purchased earlier in the year and combined them both, allowing xWo to rise from the ashes once more.

xWo was quite a huge promotion back in it's hey-day but in the years passed, it's been less and less talked about. Jamie Conwell and the unknown investor plan to change that. As they aim to make it the number one promotion in the world. 

And with purchasing DIVISION's assets, he's kept the DIVISION staff on in the hope they continue to impress.  



Chairman: Unknown.
Only one person knows the true identity of the owner, and that's the CEO.

CEO: Jamie Conwell
Wrestling runs through his veins. Ever since a young age, Conwell was mesmerized by wrestling and soon took to it at school and joined a gym to hone his skills. And throughout the years he became well known through the independent circuit, spurning several deals with global companies. Conwell loved the sport, and didn't want to partake in the showboating, over indulging, entertainment that it had become globally. A wonderful career, thrilling fans up and down the country and eventually travelled to Japan, to test himself against the best they had to offer. But injuries and age took it's toll, and Conwell called it quits, but still kept himself in excellent condition, despite the resentment he held. And after a few years, he tried to make a comeback, but instead of going back to his roots, he took this position and will make the money he needs to enjoy his retirement.  


General Manager: ??

Play-By-Play Commentator: Scott Astor
He's the frontman of a Metalcore band, a tattoo artist and a writer for Alternative Press magazine. Pro Wrestling always had a special place in his heart and now he gets to do the one thing he's always loved but never had the chance to do.

Color Commentator: Davina Monroe
Davina Monroe has worked as a journalist for FOX Sports, TMZ and TMZ Sports, Complex and she's even worked for XXL magazine and now she's one of xWo's most valuable assets as well as the first and only female commentator in the business

Commentator: Julian Moretti
Julian Moretti used to be an MMA and Boxing commentator. His passion for wrestling pushed him to make the jump and so far he has absolutely no regrets.

Interviewer: Trey Graham
Before xWo, Trey Graham used to run a YouTube channel dedicated to covering professional wrestling events and sharing news and gossip about it. Charlie Bates was a fan of his work and opted to hire him, and Conwell has decided to keep him on.

Interviewer: Riley Harper
Riley Harper is no stranger to the world of sports entertainment. She's worked for several different wrestling promotions in the United States and Canada and is well known in the industry for how well she does her job.

Ring Announcer: Janelle Davis
Janelle Davis is a model, influencer, professional dancer and now the ring announcer for xWo. She's a life long wrestling fan so when the opportunity to be a part of the sport came up she took it and never looked back.

Head Of Security: Callum Doyle
Callum is a man that once he enters the room, you simply can't ignore him. 6 feet 7, 300lbs of pure muscle, he's one you don't mess around with. He had a bad upbringing and was in and out of jail from an early age. That helped him become the size he is now, and also gave him a love of working out and lifting weights. Since being released from his latest stint in jail, he used bodybuilding as a way to earn money and stay out of trouble, so to speak. Now he's here in xWo.  

Senior Referee: John Adams
John Adams has been in the ring as a capable wrestler, but after suffering injury after injury, he decided to channel his talents elsewhere and became quite the referee. And now he's got the biggest gig of his career, here at xWo. 

Referees: Connor Lewis, Reece Callaghan.
John has worked with both Connor and Reece in past federations, and insisted on taking them both with him once xWo approached him. And together, with John they make up xWo's refereeing team.  

More TBA...
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